Parents Trust CTA

Parents trust CTA to provide a quality tour experience while pledging our assurance to each child's security. CTA’s commitment to detail and our focus on the safety of every student is unparalleled by others in the student tour industry. To learn more about CTA, watch the short video below.

To register your child for a CTA trip, either mail the Registration Form directly to CTA or Register Online through this secure website. After registering you may Login 24/7 to view your account balance, payment history, and credits applied by school fundraising or scholarship awards, plus CTA will invoice you directly for all future payments. To register for a CTA trip visit our Trip Registration page.

If your school schedules a Parent Information Meeting to kick-off your child’s trip, please make plans to attend. Consult the Trip Registration Packet provided by the school for the meeting’s location, date and time. Often, a CTA representative is in attendance to address specific concerns and to narrate the PowerPoint presentation (available to all schools that book a CTA trip).

CTA offers an exclusive Individual Cancellation Waiver (ICW) available only at the time of initial registration. The ICW guarantees 100% trip-cost refund if an individual cancels for any reason, up to the time of departure. This even includes coverage when the school denies the student the opportunity to travel with the group for any reason. Without ICW, all payments are non-refundable. For a downloadable copy of our ICW details, visit the Download Media page.

Some schools look to parents to serve as chaperones for the group. This can be a wonderful experience. For valuable suggestions on how to support your child’s trip as a pre-selected parent-chaperone, see the section entitled "Questions Parents Ask" on our FAQ's page.

CTA operates an exclusive 24-hour toll-free Safety Hotline for the peace-of-mind of our student tour participants, their parents and the chaperones. Each student receives a wristband and a card with the CTA hotline number, used in case of any emergency. CTA also develops and implements a Prepared Emergency Procedure Plan for each destination city. Our exclusive Parent Trip Hotline, “866-CTA-Trip”, provides periodic recorded tour updates by the chaperones (available by advance request to groups of 100+ students). Safety protocols are discussed in detail during the Parent Information Meeting.

CTA honors your school's policies regarding medications, cell phones and the use of other electronics during the tour. Usually personal cell phones are encouraged for all student travelers, but are turned off during tour hours to avoid disruption of our remote learning environment. Specifics on these details are discussed at the Parent Information Meeting.

Send us an email with any questions you may have regarding the trip, the registration process or your child’s personal trip account.