CTA Policies

Tour Policies

All items in your CTA group tour are guaranteed in writing. A complete packet of information accompanies your reservation which includes forms for assigning rooms and registering participants. For your convenience, parents mail registration forms direct to CTA. Parents are then invoiced by CTA for all payment installments. No payments for you to collect, ever! For fundraising or scholarship monies, CTA applies and itemizes individual credits to each student's account according to your data; you simply send one total payment to CTA for the group. It could not be simpler.


Our exclusive ICW (Individual Cancellation Waiver), available only at initial registration, guarantees 100% trip-cost refund if individually cancelled for any reason up to departure even for no-shows. ICW even applies when a school cancels the individual for academic or behavior reasons prior to the trip. With trips including airfare, ICW also provides full refund of airline ticket cost until the "Airline Cutoff Date" as stipulated. For specific details, see the ICW Flyer provided at registration. Without ICW, all payments are nonrefundable.

Teachers Travel Free

Our standard policy includes one free chaperone trip for every ten paid students. This ratio may be modified on request.

Liability Protection

Liability coverage through The Erie Group, a top-rated insurance company, protects every chaperone, your school and the district at no additional charge. A Certificate of Insurance, naming your school district or oganization as an additional insured, is provided upon request.

Quality Accommodations

CTA prides itself in its hotels. Our quality assurance policy guarantees NO BALCONIES and NO EXTERIOR ENTRANCES. Student rooms have two double beds or two queen beds, and can accommodate up to four. Most hotels have a heated indoor pool which can be a part of your evening activities. Every night a private security officer patrols the halls, providing a written report in the morning; officers have no room access and never enter any student room.

Meal Options

Meal choices are determined in the planning stages by you and your CTA representative. Breakfast options normally include a full hot and cold buffet or a continental style service. Lunches may not be available depending on your tour destination. Dinner options include popular selections like gourmet pizza, lobster, country-style buffet, and smorgasbord. Vegetarian options are always available.

Evening Activities

We encourage a full schedule of events for a student tour. Evening activities should take advantage of local theater, exciting attractions, and special events that are not available at home. We'll give you plenty of options from which to choose.


Our strict standards assure your group of safe, comfortable, video-equipped motorcoaches available in a range of sizes from 32 to 61 passengers. Remember, we go along on the trip, so we want a nice bus too! If you've got a favorite bus company, we'll be glad to arrange them for your trip. All CTA bus companies carry a minimum of $5 million liability coverage and a favorable Federal Safety Rating as listed at the
Federal Motor Carrier website.

Trip Directors

Not escorts and not tour guides, CTA Trip Directors are an upgrade from the industry norm. Mature, seasoned professional educators with at least twenty years teaching experience, these accomplished men and women facilitate the trip schedule, making adjustments with your input, while keeping the pace and retaining the focus. It's simple: you chaperone your students, and let your CTA Trip Director take care of everything else.

CTA Quality Commitment

The CTA quality commitment will make a world of difference in your next student tour. CTA is licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind.