CTA Policies

Tour Policies:

All items in your CTA group tour are guaranteed in writing. A complete packet of information accompanies your reservation which includes forms for assigning rooms and registering participants. For your convenience, parents mail registration forms direct to CTA. Parents are then invoiced by CTA for all payment installments. No payments for you to collect, ever! For fundraising or scholarship monies, CTA applies and itemizes individual credits to each student's account according to your data; you simply send one total payment to CTA for the group. It could not be simpler.


All cancellations must be made in writing by or on behalf of the person listed on the registration form to CTA, 5194 Hamilton Boulevard, Allentown, PA 18106, or via email to CTA at cancel@ctafleldtrips.com must be postmarked prior to the group's departure, and must include Registration ID number, registrant's name, and complete address. Within 24 hours following receipt of your registration confirmation and initial payment, you may cancel your CTA program and receive a full refund. Refunds are issued within 45-days (and longer if the entire trip is cancelled) following scheduled trip departure using the original form of payment on the account Check refunds are only issued to the primary responsible party listed on the account. After 24 hours, the Standard Cancellation Policy applies unless the Individual Cancellation Waiver (ICW) option is purchased.

Standard Cancellation Policy: If you do not enroll in the Individual Cancellation Waiver and you must cancel beyond the 24-hour grace period, CTA will retain:

  • 25% of the base trip price (minimum charge of $120 if base trip price is $400 or more) if your cancellation is postmarked more than 75 days prior to the group's departure,

  • 50% of the base trip price if your cancellation is postmarked 45 to 74 days prior to group's departure, or

  • 100% of the base trip price if your cancellation is postmarked 44 days or fewer prior to group's departure.

Individual Cancellation fee Waiver (ICW) benefits:

The Individual Cancellation fee Waiver is available for purchase at time of trip registration and up to fifteen (15) days after you register for your trip. If you cancel beyond the 24-hour grace period, the ICW protects your payments and provides a full refund of monies and related fees paid towards your trip unless airfare is included in trip. When Airfare is included in trip, Air Cut-off Date and ticket value are specified at trip registration and in CTA email payment notices; ICW covers airline ticket only when canceling before the Air Cut-off Date. If canceling on or after the Air Cut-off Date, the full value of the airline ticket is deducted from any applicable ICW refund. The ICW enrollment fee is non-refundable. If elected, the additional enrollment fee for the ICW will be due and payable within seven (7) days from the day elected, after which time the ICW election expires. Any payments made are first applied to the ICW enrollment fee before being applied towards your outstanding trip balance. The ICW enrollment fee cost will be included in your trip information and, available for purchase during online trip registration and will remain available until the ICW option expires.

All payments, including the optional ICW enrollment fee, are due as of the final payment due date for your program. If, as of that date, the additional amount for the ICW has not been received in full along with the full trip cost, your ICW election may be canceled and you will not be covered under the ICW.

The purchase of ICW is non-refundable after 24 hours of initial ICW payment and purchase confirmation. ICW is not insurance but is an optional refund benefit program exclusively for CTA trip participants.

Non-Refundable Fees:

Unless otherwise stated herein, the ICW fee is not refundable under the Individual Cancellation Waiver program. The fees for returned checks, late registration, installment payments, declined credit cards or electronic drafts, and late payments are not refundable under the Standard Cancellation policy. 

Cancellation for non-payment:

In the event that registrant is not paid in full by the final payment due date, CTA, at its sole discretion, may cancel registrant's trip participation.

Cancellation for force majeure: 

In the event that the trip is canceled by CTA or by the host school district or organization as a result of or following acts of force majeure, including, without limitation, acts of God, war (whether declared or not), terrorism, or civil unrest, or weather related events leading to evacuation of trip destinations, or cessation of business by Vendors engaged for registrant's trip, or pandemic or epidemic, or destination of trip is closed, or any other reason or event beyond the control of CTA, the Standard Cancellation Policy and ICW are not applicable, and CTA will have no liability to make refunds to registrants unless CTA receives refunds (full or partial), as a result of the cancellation, from vendors engaged by CTA for services related to registrants trip, and such refunds shall then be refunded to all registrants on a pro rata basis, along with a refund of any ICW fee paid by the registrants.