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Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern

Parent Trip Hotline: 866-CTA-Trip (866-282-8747) - to hear chaperone recorded updates during a CTA trip [not utilized by all groups]

Are you trying to make a CTA TRIP Installment Payment, but do not have your Trip Account Login?
If so, then follow these steps using the "Send Us an Email" box below:
1) In the first blank, enter Your Name
2) In the third bank, enter the Email Address that was used for your initial trip registration
3) In the "Your comments or questions" box, enter "LOGIN LINK"
4) Click "Send Form", and then check your email inbox for an automated message from Curriculum Travel Of America, Inc.
5) Open the email that you just received, and click the link, which opens your Active Trip Account.
6) To submit your payment, page down to the bottom of your Active Trip Account screen and enter your payment.
NOTE: CTA will not automatically charge your card for installment payments. For your security, you must initiate and approve each individual payment using your CTA Login Link.

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