The Trip Director Selection Process

CTA is the only nationwide student tour company to employ our own Certified Teachers as Trip Directors.

CTA Trip Directors carry a valid Teaching Certificate and background security credentials for working with students. All engage in ongoing tour management instruction and comprehensive destination training, ensuring that our groups are paired with informed and knowledgeable leaders.

Beware! Other student tour companies only hire local step-on guides though an anonymous mega-service provider, never considering the first-hand attributes required for your specific group. That’s never the case with CTA. Our own CTA Trip Directors are Professionally Trained Certified Teachers who are carefully matched to each group’s personality and educational travel goals. CTA Trip Directors normally meet the group en route, thereby allowing ample time to become acquainted with you and your students before the actual touring begins. And only CTA Trip Directors always remain with the group 24-hours a day, including overnight at the hotel and for all meal functions.

A CTA Trip Director totally enhances the overall touring experience. Trust your next student tour to the professionals at CTA and the industry’s only Certified-Teacher Trip Directors.