Parent Chaperone Tips

Thank you for your interest in chaperoning.
Your role is crucial to the success of the trip. Many students, teachers and parents have prepared diligently in anticipation of this event. Please join in our efforts to ensure a positive experience for our students and staff by doing your part with the responsibilities outlined below.

* Circulate throughout the entire bus and in all dining venues
* Reinforce student behavior guidelines at all times and in all locations
* Assist the teacher- chaperones and CTA trip directors as requested
* Take accurate head counts of your group at every meeting point
* Do your room checks by greeting each occupant face-to-face
* Enforce quiet in the hotel hallways at all times
* Emphasize student attentiveness during all group announcements

Once again, please accept our gratitude for the time you are investing to help make this a memorable trip for all.
We are glad to have you aboard!